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What can we help you with as a marketing agency?​

PPC performance campaigns

With the help of properly set PPC advertising, we will bring relevant potential customers to your website at a price that will pay off for you.​

Social media

We create attractive content that catches the attention of the target group, as well as effective performance campaigns that help sell.


Brand campaigns ensure that you are seen and thus increase awareness of your brand. We measure brand advertising on the basis of impressions, i.e. the number of ad impressions.

SEO Optimization

We will improve your website so that it gains a leading position in search engines, using an appropriate structure, setting technical SEO factors and using keywords.


Advertising systems are overwhelmed by advertisers, so the price for media space is getting more and more expensive. Only good analytics will tell you where and how much it is worth investing.

2 steps to start working together ​

1.We analyze your position in the market and in the network. We will then present the options with Filipesmedia.​

Together, we will look at your current data, including a quick review of the web solution, and based on the information obtained, we will analyze the possibilities of online advertising and estimated results. Finally, we will ask if you are interested in a detailed marketing strategy proposal. Everything is non-binding.

We switched to Filipesmedia from another agency and the changes were visible in the first month. Everything can be agreed upon without any problems and he always tries to help. They take care of everything possible for us and it works! Thank you.

Pomelo sport logo
Lukáš Melo,
7. february 2023, 15:03

2. Proposal for cooperation and getting to know your senior technician​

Ondřej Vodehnal, our CTO, sets the marketing strategy together with a selected senior technician. They ensure smooth communication with our clients. A second meeting follows, where we present the final work plan for approval. We record all online calls and make them available to you online.

I can recommend Filipesmedia to everyone.
I especially appreciate the expertise and professional approach. Based on cooperation with the company, the turnover on our e-shop increased by 50%.​

Miroslav Gaňa, CEO
8. march 2022, 11:32

Find out what your external marketing department would look like

Marketing for e-shops, one-off events, crowdfunding campaigns or creation of lead generators.​

Take a closer look at our references and partners.

Management of PPC ads and product comparators, e-mail marketing, content creation for social networks, article writing, SEO.
Graphics support, management of PPC ads and product comparators, e-mail marketing, implementation of gamification.
Complete management of performance marketing, including the creation of materials, participation in proposals and the development of the e-shop in the form of consultations.
Performance PPC advertising with an overlap into branding, support of existing B2B and B2C customers using e-mail marketing.
Performance ads with overlap into branding for the Czech and Slovak markets.
Management of PPC ads, email marketing, content creation and video ads for social networks.
Generating leads for franchising brands Relay, Minutka and others using PPC ads and email marketing.
Management of PPC ads and product comparators, e-mail marketing, content creation for social networks, SEO.
Management of PPC ads and product comparators, e-shop redesign.
Brand support and participation in the launch of the e-shop in the form of consultations and performance marketing.
Presentation of a new field, performance advertising to attract potential students, securing leads for webinars.
Managing the promotion of the photo contest with the aim of generating the maximum number of participants from among photographers.

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